Semmelweis University, Budapest, accredited training venue

Semmelweis University, Budapest, accredited training venue

Dr. Bizvurm András

Dr. Bizvurm AndrásM.D., Msc. Head of Dentistry

1991: Dentist diploma, Medical University of Pécs
1993: specialized exam in dental and oral diseases
1998: specialized exam in oral surgery
2007: specialized exam in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics
2007/2008: Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology /Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

1991-2006 I worked as a dental specialist, head of the dental inpatient ward, and then head of the Oral Surgery Department of Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital.  During my work in the hospital I gained experience in general dental diseases, diagnosis, surgical and conservative medical therapy of injuries, cancers and inflammatory diseases of the head and neck region.

I started my private practice in 1993, since 2006 I have been working in private practice only.

Dr. Fruzsina Kiss

Dr. Fruzsina Kissresident doctor

Mrs. Csurgó Angéla Meiszterics.

Mrs. Csurgó Angéla Meiszterics.operating theatre nurse, dental assistant

I took my final exam in Munkácsy Mihály Secondary and Health Care Vocational School, where I studied as a general nurse and general medical assistant.

Then I worked on the Pediatrics Department of Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital for a year. I worked on the Oral Surgery Department of the hospital from June 1991 to June 2006.  During that time I received a dental assistant degree in 1993, and a specialized health care assistant (operating theatre nurse) degree in 1999 from the Medical University of Pécs, School of Health Care.

I have been working at the Irányi Dentál Dental and Oral Surgery Center since July 2005.

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Our practice is located in the city center of Kaposvár, 50 meters from the walking street, in a modern apartment house that was built in 2007.  For our patients arriving by car, there are easily accessible parking lots in the vicinity.

We are a state-of-the-art office with a friendly atmosphere, family environment, and air-conditioning, to maximize your comfort. There are two treatment rooms in the dentistry, and we have a separate dental operating room with one operating chair.  We also have full spectrum digital diagnostic X-ray capability.

Our practice specializes in the replacement of lost teeth with titanium dental implants to restore the unity of aesthetics and chewing capability.

Our office can perform many outpatient dental procedures routinely (impacted teeth, broken root extraction, operative treatment of mandible cysts, accidental tooth injury care, mucous membrane surgery to aid denture bearing, root resection, implantation and procedures connected to implantation: bone  replacements, 3D-bone reconstruction, sinus elevation).

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When can I brush my teeth after oral surgery, how can I keep the operated area clean?

You should not wash your mouth with a mouthwash until the evening of the day of the procedure. In the evening you should brush your teeth and clean the operated area (the place of the extracted teeth) with a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove any food residue. Starting the next day, you should brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste after every meal.

Should I use mouth wash?

Not necessarily. It is not absolutely necessary to use mouthwash for normal mouth hygiene. Moreover, excess use of mouthwash can have harmful effects. Regardless of this, after the procedure a slight inflammation of the mucous membrane can occur, and in this case a mouthwash with chlorhexidine can be useful (e.g.: Curasept mouthwash, used as indicated).

What is the likelihood of the rejection of the implant?

When performed in compliance with the relevant professional standards - implants "osseointegrate" to the host bone with a statistically proven 97% success rate.
This healing time is 3 months for the lower jaw bone and 4.5 months for the upper jaw bone. This is the time that is necessary for the implants to integrate, to form the so called osseointegration.

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