See our current price list below:

Tooth filling, white:15.000 Ft
Toothpaste, amalgam:15.000 Ft
Root treatment front teeth:15.000 Ft
Root Treatment Bleeding Tooth:20.000 Ft
Root Treatment Welter Teeth:30.000 Ft
Tooth whitening for all teeth40.000 Ft
Tooth whitening one tooth:18.000 Ft
X-ray, digital panorama rtg:5.000 Ft
X-ray, digital intraoralis:2.000 Ft
Porcelain crown, bridge element:40.000 Ft
Porcelain crown, allergy-free:40.000 Ft
Porcelain fired with zirconium:55.000 Ft
Crown Metal:15.000 Ft
Angled abutment:15.000 Ft
Total acrylate denture:140.000 Ft
Partial metal frame dentition:~170.000 Ft
Combined denture with aesthetic anchoring:~250.000 Ft-tól
Implant, enossealis:140.000 Ft
Periodontal surgery with bone replacement:35.000 Ft
Small surgery (for example.:resectio):35.000 Ft
Tooth removal, type:10.000 Ft
Narcosis:30.000 Ft
Bite lift, flexible:19.000 Ft
Tooth jewelery:19.000 Ft

Ask for a detailed quotation for your handling idea! The above rates are for informational purposes!

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