These days tooth replacement using implants with "artificial roots" placed in the jawbone is a routine procedure. During the procedure we place a bio-friendly, titanium implant in the jaw bone. At the moment, scientifically proven and experimentally verified implantology is among the fastest developing areas for dentistry.

With the help of dental implants, natural-looking tooth replacement can be achieved while doing no damage (grinding and other preparations) to otherwise healthy teeth. Artificial roots can greatly improve the stability of removable dentures and also make wearing them more comfortable.

Today - when performed in compliance with the relevant professional standards - implants "osseointegrate" to the host bone with a statistically proven 97% success rate. Of course, as with any foreign body placed into the human body, it can not be considered a "permanent" solution, but at this time it is now realistic to expect implants to last more than a decade.

Our practice offers you Wital implants from the German Wieland company, and affordably-priced Hungarian developed and manufactured A.I.S implants.

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